The NRA Doesn’t Care About Mothers or Mass Shootings

Their Mother’s Day tweet tells us all we need to know about their thoughts on those who lost their lives to violence.

The National Rifle Association could have thought twice about the tweet they sent out today in celebration of Mother’s Day, but they did not.

No, they knew who would be nodding along in agreement: people who think victims are just sensitive snowflakes.

After all, “victim” is a status for liberals to claim, not conservatives — right?

Take a look for yourself:

Forever grateful for these fierce womenwho never seem to show up in time to make a difference? Forever grateful for what, the right to self-defense even when it never seems to defend those who lose their lives to mass shootings?

I’m sorry, but if I lost a child to a mass shooting — which happen at an ungodly rate in the United States — I would have lost my shit when I saw this tweet.

No one is raising victims. The NRA is actually blaming mothers on goddamn Mother’s Day in their attempt at an “inspiring, celebratory” tweet.

Can you imagine being blamed for losing your child to a random act of violence? I hope you can’t, because that is a terrible situation to be in and my heart aches for any parents who have lost children to mass shootings. It sickens my stomach to think of any of them seeing this tweet and feeling its insinuations.

The fact is, the NRA not only thought this was acceptable to post on Mother’s Day, they knew it would cause derision. They also knew that there are mothers out there who think that arming their children will “save” them from situations.

Because we’re supposed to blame victims, right? It’s always the victim’s fault.

Rape, mass shooting — hell, whatever it is, it probably could have been prevented with a gun. Right?

The NRA has a bottom line: to arm people. Because they benefit from that.

Just imagine how much money they’re making off of frightened parents who blame victims for dying during these tragedies and arm themselves and their children as a result.

The whole thing is a money-making scheme, and it’s women who suffer.

Happy fucking Mother’s Day, right?

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