“Cottagecore” is a Celebration of Domesticity

A popular aesthetic evokes simpler times and uplifts traditionally feminine pursuits.

Sarah Olson Michel
5 min readMay 11, 2023
An example of cottagecore’s flowers, earthy tones, and natural light. Photo by LAUREN GRAY on Unsplash

In a capitalist world that glorifies hustle and entrepreneurship, one new trend flaunts slow and simple living. With an emphasis on nature, the internet aesthetic dubbed “cottagecore” bring its own twist to young people’s timeless fascination with vintage antiques and life in the past.

Instead of reminiscing about the 1950’s — with its subjugated women and racist undertones — cottagecore is a celebration of domesticity and an empowering exploration of traditionally feminine pursuits. At a time when so much of our lives is fast-paced and massed-produced, cottagecore is a return to the pleasures and patience of handmade/homemade.

The New York Times paints an enticing picture: “Freshly baked scones are just emerging from the oven in a thatch roof country cottage bordering the woods, while linen-scented laundry dries peacefully on a clothesline in the yard.” It’s peace and tranquility found in soft patterns and small flowers — and no technology.

“In the cottagecore universe, there are no phones pinging constantly with updates, no urgent work emails, no evenings spent responding to the onerous demands of a tyrannical boss. In fact,” remarks the New York