It’s so much more than misogyny.

Evolution, Eve’s apple, and a religious agenda aimed at oppressing women.

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Fulfill your wildest income fantasies with these foolproof hacks from some random person on Medium.

Here’s a photo of attractive women working out so you’ll actually click on my article.

It’s good to have money…

5 simple things I do to chase the raincloud away.

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Why it surprised me.

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A candid explanation.

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A couple years ago, I felt like I had it made.

Their Mother’s Day tweet tells us all we need to know about their thoughts on those who lost their lives to violence.

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It’s okay not to be good at something if you enjoy doing it.

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You don’t really want it to happen to you

Amid our own COVID-19 pandemic, the horse world is fighting to stop the spread of a deadly and highly contagious virus affecting their equines.

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Sarah Olson Michel

Nonfiction writer wrangling words and horses in the Pacific Northwest | she/they

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