3 Articles About Feminism, Abortion, and Today’s Christianity

Years after writing them, I am surprised by how relevant they remain.

Sarah Olson Michel
5 min readMay 9, 2023
Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Back when I joined Medium in 2018, I had a lot on my mind. Access to abortion was being consistently threatened by conservative politicians who were allowing religion to infiltrate the government. After growing up in Christian fundamentalism, I wanted to speak up and share my experiences leaving that repressive environment behind. I hoped that maybe it would inspire other women, or at least outrage enough people that something would be done.

In the years since I wrote these pieces, I have received countless comments, emails, messages, and more. I’ve spoken on the radio (Australia’s Science Friction show) and written for a number of blogs. I have considered writing a book as well, and in the meantime reviewed incredible and relevant memoirs such as Tara Westover’s Educated.

Today, these three articles continue to come up in my notifications as they are read and shared by new readers. Although I am glad to see my work continuing to be read, it does dishearten me to know how relevant these pieces remain. In some ways, the loss of access to abortion in many states in the U.S. with the undermining of Roe v. Wade puts people with uteruses in a worse position than when I first wrote…