Do what you love — but only if you make money from it.

These days you would be absolutely crazy to think the income from your full-time job is enough. If you aren’t pulling extra hours in the evenings or on the weekends, you’re missing out on an additional thousands of dollars in monthly income.

What do you currently spend your free time doing? Probably things you enjoy that help you relax — your hobbies. Those activities could be making you big money, if you’re smart and hardworking enough to sell yourself and your soul. Sleep is for the weak, fun is for the boring.

As money guru Dave Ramsey says, you have…

Even for someone who has it pretty good — things are bad.

I’m not going to lie, the headlines are a little scary right now for someone who is already trying not to panic about their future.

I live in the Pacific Northwest, where we had a terrifying wildfire season last year that blanketed my town in such thick smoke you needed a mask to breathe outside. Fortunately we were already wearing them, because of the unprecedented global pandemic we were also living through.

Last summer the wildfires, exasperated by extreme drought, didn’t get bad in my area until August. I remember standing outside at the horse stable, watching over my mare…

Our three month relationship was a little toxic.

Trying to earn money on Vocal is a little bit like winning the lottery. A slightly smaller pool of candidates, sure, but it’s still a lottery.

A few months ago I signed up for the platform when I saw an advertisement for one of their writing challenges that seemed like an interesting prompt. I wrote my entry, beamed with pride as I submitted it, then waited. And waited.

My entry took several days to get approved by editors before it was published with the wrong featured photo. The online editing system had been glitching while I wrote, and swapped photos…

Maybe it’s okay to feel a little lost — maybe you should even embrace it.

Ijust turned 24 years old. I’m not sure how I feel about a quarter of a century being right around the corner. I thought I would have things mostly figured out by 25, and yet I feel farther from that than ever.

I wanted to have a degree under my belt, to have started my career, published a book, and be thinking about having my first kid. Maybe that was a little ambitious, but I always have been. I’m a type-A personality, always anxious, always thinking about the next step rather than where I am right now.

Life looks quite…

Hint: It was a combination of anger, focus, and a stroke of luck.

This past December, I sat down and concentrated my unquenchable rage into a brief writing session. An hour later, I hit publish without thinking twice about it.

The article was titled Why Jill Biden’s Doctoral Degree Angers People. I wrote it after reading an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal in which someone demanded the first lady abandon her Dr. Biden honorific for “Mrs.”

I’m a feminist writer. I get angry about these things. I didn’t expect my message to resonate with so many people — but it did. Turns out, blatant misogyny gets clicks. …

What’s with all the life coaching from writers who are barely in their twenties?

I recently read an article that seemed, well, a little too good to be true. The writer was a young man who described his jet-setting lifestyle and financial freedom with the glee of a retiree. He doled out more life advice and personal stories than my grandmother does. He also used his article to plug a couple of e-books he’s written about how to live life to its fullest, based on his own life experiences.

I have to admit, the writing itself was convincing and his confidence spoke for him. I took a look at the e-book and his other…

In an age of digital get-rich-quick schemes, we have conveniently forgotten what it used to mean to be a “hustler.”

These days it seems like everyone has a side hustle in order to earn additional income outside of their regular 9–5. Hobbies don’t count anymore unless they make you money. Some of these side hustles are legitimate. Many aren’t.

Hustle culture has quickly become a mainstream term. Influencers on social media and writing platforms like Medium glorify “the hustle”, i.e. working hard to make your financial and career dreams a reality. …

Evolution, Eve’s apple, and a religious agenda aimed at oppressing women.

Do you know the story of Adam and Eve? It’s a Biblical creation story about the dawn of humankind, a perfect garden, and a fall from grace. In sum, the first woman is tempted by the devil to eat forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge and gets herself and Adam cast out from the garden of Eden. Her mistake curses women with painful childbirth forever.

We know Eve’s mistake. But an often overlooked part of the story comes before the forbidden fruit ever touches her lips — it’s her very creation that makes her second to man. She was…

Fulfill your wildest income fantasies with these foolproof hacks from some random person on Medium.

I never thought I could make this much f*cking money. But now I do, probably, and I want you to believe that you can too. So I’m writing this to let you in on my secrets, because I absolutely do want to let everyone else in on a chunk of my personal income streams.

Nearly everyone struggles with needing or wanting to make more money than their 9–5 provides. I know that if I tap into this widespread financial insecurity, you will more than likely click my bait.

So let’s dive right in, shall we?

It’s good to have money…

5 simple things I do to chase the raincloud away.

My struggle with depression and anxiety began at a young age. For a long time, I didn’t know how to cope with it. Most of the time I indulged the darkness.

I’ve compared depression and anxiety to a heavy raincloud, always hovering nearby. Sometimes it overtakes and overwhelms us, and all we can do is remember that we aren’t going to drown.

Sometimes we beat off the cloud and it retreats to forever lurk somewhere close by. At least, that’s how depression feels for me.

These days there are many reasons for that cloud to come rushing in, releasing its…

Sarah Olson Michel

I mainly write for those interested in science and feminism. Sometimes I am snarky.

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